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Motion Graphics UPDATE

This is the video still in the making. As far as progress, my internship loved where I was going, but they had a list of ideas that would make this motion graphics advertisement much better:

3D effects, lighting effects, more motion “more of a faster motion with the images”

These ideas will be taken into thought and will bring this project together.



After Effects Video Start UP

I’m a little rusty on After Effects so I’m still collecting information and sketching wire frames of any ideas that I come up with. So far I’m using and defining different filters while experimenting different effects for this motion graphics project. My internship and I were debating on if this video needed to be more than 30 secs, and so far we decided to make it no more than a minute. Below is a link to how far I have gotten on this project. With After Effects, you literally have to render each video you make and once you render that video, you are then able to pull it into the next project that you want to use it for. On my machine, rendering took almost a hour. lol Yes my computer is a little bit old, but from what I was able to get done so far, I and my internship says that this project is going in the right direction.

After Effects Part A

Motion Graphics Outline “Sports Baller”

When trying to come up with ideas on how to go about creating a motions graphics advertisement, I found it better to sketch out my ideas and describe them in a document. My internship is trying to focus on advertisement and wanted to try it down the path of using motion graphics. Below is how I sketched out my ideas and then described them in a document typed.


Sports Baller Motion Graphics ideas:


  1. Green to black fading background layered with Las Vegas pictures fading in and out.
  2. Then the Sports Baller logo and title shots in from the background distance to the front of the screen as if the logo is about to come through the screen.

Main Scene:

  1. The logo shoots from the left and beside it text appears (Welcome to Sports Baller where……)
    1. This can repeat with different short line statement comments in which will briefly inform the user about Sports Baller.
    2. While this is going on the logo will be at a very low alpha in the background, but will be moving while a black and green gradient haze will animate also in the background.  

Ending Scene:

Since we want this advertisement to be short, sweet, and to the point, I was thinking that the end should end on this note.

  1. The Vegas scene is shown and then from the skyline The Sports Baller logo will come down and will get larger as if it is coming from Vegas to the user’s face. The Title will slam in and then the slogan will fade in and appear.  



Media Advertisement

This past week, my internship took a turn. The sportsballer site Marketing Director wanted to go Media with a message to it’s fans. By Media, they wanted to come up with an After Effects Video (30 secs) that could be shown on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter ect. So this week Mr.Chez “founder” and 3 other Marketing people did Google hang out and were able to discuss a possible After Effects Video in which I would be over. Next week we will basically map and draw out ideas.



Header graphics

My adviser over my internship wanted a header picture for the Facebook page.
He wanted a background image with the Sportsballer word in the middle of the background image going in the panoramic spot, with a touch of sports.

Friend’s page Design

  • Friends (Sportsballer Friends topic needs font similar to logo):  needs to have a professional look.  On the current website, I would like the preview mail to be taken out since the mail already has its own page.  I believe the list of friends needs to move to the left side and replace this area.  The friend’s picture(s) should be a lot bigger.  Similar to the size of picture that’s on the My Portfolio page. In the middle of this page, this is where they can search for friends.  Once they type in a name (first or last name or email address), then people with that name or email address will appear under the search section.  Background images (margins) a table of bottle service at a luxury nightclub.


The set of instructions above were mainly for the developer. I was given the freedom to redesign the Friend’s page to fit the current instructions, but to also be creative into making it the revision that I thought would be good.

Visual Studio Express


This week, my main goal was to download this program called Visual Studio Express. The main ASP developer wanted to be able to share his ASP code with me, and this week I’m basically learning the program. With this program the coder is able to transfer me all of his code, and I am able to manipulate it as I learn step by step how to incorporate images into the ASP coding. So far I’m still learning the program. Next week, I hope to get more hands on the actual code so that I will be can to create images and input them into the webpage by coding everything using ASP. coding. This is my 1st step into the coding back end of the project.

Market page for

This is a page that was redesigned for the market page. The page was designed in photoshop. Image

WEEK 2: images, icons for

This week’s task:

Create custom ICONS “TWITTER,FACEBOOK,GOOGLE PLUS,YOUTUBE”(50X50) for the home page, make the background grey and the icon green to compliment the website.

Create custom PLAYER images where the logo is behind the player.

Create a more clear text on the picture for the upper left hand of the form.


Project 01_Create images for site

1) Default Player Image
2) Platinum, Silver, Gold, Bronze, etc… ratings
3) Side images for the ticker
4) Sign Up Image for the top left of the form (need to create this
5) Background image for the sportsballer pie (ariel provide the image u used
6) Google Plus Image for homepage (find google plus icon
7) Add Friend PNG (+) (research a add friend png
8) Different Background images or margins??? (come up with sports symbol and skyline bg

Pictures attached = all images created in photoshop or downloaded from a free source.

add_friend_01 bronze_rating01 default_player_img_dark default_player_img_light gold_rating01 g-plus-icon-vector image_leftFORM main_background_img pie_bg01 placeholder silver_rating01 ticker_01 ticker_02

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