Always Quick to design the website built for you.

Friend’s page Design

  • Friends (Sportsballer Friends topic needs font similar to logo):  needs to have a professional look.  On the current website, I would like the preview mail to be taken out since the mail already has its own page.  I believe the list of friends needs to move to the left side and replace this area.  The friend’s picture(s) should be a lot bigger.  Similar to the size of picture that’s on the My Portfolio page. In the middle of this page, this is where they can search for friends.  Once they type in a name (first or last name or email address), then people with that name or email address will appear under the search section.  Background images (margins) a table of bottle service at a luxury nightclub.


The set of instructions above were mainly for the developer. I was given the freedom to redesign the Friend’s page to fit the current instructions, but to also be creative into making it the revision that I thought would be good.


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