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Motion Graphics Outline “Sports Baller”

When trying to come up with ideas on how to go about creating a motions graphics advertisement, I found it better to sketch out my ideas and describe them in a document. My internship is trying to focus on advertisement and wanted to try it down the path of using motion graphics. Below is how I sketched out my ideas and then described them in a document typed.


Sports Baller Motion Graphics ideas:


  1. Green to black fading background layered with Las Vegas pictures fading in and out.
  2. Then the Sports Baller logo and title shots in from the background distance to the front of the screen as if the logo is about to come through the screen.

Main Scene:

  1. The logo shoots from the left and beside it text appears (Welcome to Sports Baller where……)
    1. This can repeat with different short line statement comments in which will briefly inform the user about Sports Baller.
    2. While this is going on the logo will be at a very low alpha in the background, but will be moving while a black and green gradient haze will animate also in the background.  

Ending Scene:

Since we want this advertisement to be short, sweet, and to the point, I was thinking that the end should end on this note.

  1. The Vegas scene is shown and then from the skyline The Sports Baller logo will come down and will get larger as if it is coming from Vegas to the user’s face. The Title will slam in and then the slogan will fade in and appear.  




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