Always Quick to design the website built for you.


My name is Arielle Adams and I can honestly say that I have been fascinated with technology since childhood. At age eleven, I investigated a site by the name of “” to determine how it was made and how it was so addictive. Fast forward, now, as a student at the Art Institute of Nashville Tennessee, I have developed a strong foundation in web design and interactive media, and I have developed the business savvy required to interact successfully with clients. I have also created websites for my first clients while still attending school.

Web design combines my passion for continual learning and my desire for job stability in a growing market. In the future, I very much see myself helping youth to explore new technology. My priorities will be set on creating technology that teaches the youth of the future to enhance their education though the technology out there made for them. I also want to integrate technology with the human element more completely.

I believe my desire to help youth and passion for technology makes me a valuable asset in any endeavor. My future holds change and growth as I continue to develop my skills and balance my career with my personal goals, family, and active social life.



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