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For the Winter Quarter at The Art Institute of Nashville TN, I will be entering a series of entries for an Internship that are all based on what was done on a daily basis, what weekly project task were completed, and all feed back that was received in response to the project completions. Each Entry will provide pictures of PHOTOSHOP PROJECTS transformed to JPEG images of the design comps and images for the site, and text about what was asked, how i went about thinking through the project, how i completed it, and feedback from the Internship. (If they liked the project completed, or NOT). This series will be started on WEEK 1: THURSDAY 1/10/13::.::Image


SEO internet marketing class


In my SEO Internet Marketing Class At The Art Institute of Nashville TN, I’ve learned various Search Engine Optimization skills that I’ve not yet learned in previous classes.In earlier courses, I observed and learned the techniques of building a website from scratch and different coding skills to incorporate into my website. I was taught the designing and the web architect side of becoming a web designer,  but when it comes to making money in this business of being a web designer, developer, or anything that has to do with internet marketing, BASIC SEO foundation skills are very much needed which were taught in this SEO Internet Marketing Class.  Even though it takes much time and patience for anyone to learn anything about Search Engine Optimization, there are basic steps that can help the basic web designer take the different route of having SEO Success. I don’t regret taking this class and I encourage many other developing web designers to take this SEO Internet Marketing Class, because this is a big chuck that can’t be missed in anyone’s journey to making it to the top in the Internet Marketing World as we know it.

How to Do Almost Anything on Google+

How to DO almost Anything on Google+

How to Do Almost Anything on Google+ is a great article which is a great guide to anyone which is new to Google Plus. Google Plus is a fairly new community that is in its beginning stages, so many people don’t know whether to treat it like a social media site or something more. Google Plus is like the gift that keeps on giving. In Peter McDermott’s Article, “How to Do Almost Anything on Google+,”he explains all of the useful things that this new forum has to offer for anyone who is trying to advance or expand their business in ways that could benefit them much more. EVERYONE should have a google plus page, and every bussiness should already have one started. In “How to Do Almost Anything on Google+” Peter McDermott, in his own personal way, tells you why!

Web design = awesome

U really like how this website is designed…I love the tie of action script and coding and typography. Very nice hierarchy.

Jazz and Jokes in Nashville TN

Jazz and Jokes in Nashville TN is a great place for anyone to go to when they want to relax and get a good laugh. This place doesn’t only a beautiful atmosphere but it is located in a very nice location on the main stream of downtown Nashville. Jazz and Jokes in Nashville TN is a very classy club where there is tasty food and lip licking drinks. This place has a very mature and grown up crowd, so there are no worries for anyone to not have a good time. Jazz and Jokes in Nashville TN is a perfect place for anyone to go when they visit Nashville or even if they live here.



Nashville Web Design Nashville TN

Nashville Web Design by “2 the Top Webdesign” is a great company who masters getting anyone’s website to the top when it comes to SEO “Search Engine Optimization.” This company has not only been getting website’s the promotion they need locally and globally as of today, but they have been going strong for the past 12 years. Nashville Web Design has been mastering in getting their client’s website some serious results even before their even was a “” So this professional company knows what their doing and will gladly show you what you aren’t doing. Nashville Web Design Nashville TN is a perfect company for anyone to put their trust in when it comes to getting your website the results that it deserves. Nashville Webdesign

Wire Frames/ Site Map/ YOU magazine Website _prep

color palette for you site

logo for you site

Magazine inspiration sites

  • ~I like the set up of the content on the site, and how the content stays unified on each page.

  • The Color Scheme I decided to go with:::

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