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After Effects Video Start UP

I’m a little rusty on After Effects so I’m still collecting information and sketching wire frames of any ideas that I come up with. So far I’m using and defining different filters while experimenting different effects for this motion graphics project. My internship and I were debating on if this video needed to be more than 30 secs, and so far we decided to make it no more than a minute. Below is a link to how far I have gotten on this project. With After Effects, you literally have to render each video you make and once you render that video, you are then able to pull it into the next project that you want to use it for. On my machine, rendering took almost a hour. lol Yes my computer is a little bit old, but from what I was able to get done so far, I and my internship says that this project is going in the right direction.

After Effects Part A


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